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Linear Motion Bearings Factory Outlet

Linear Motion Bearings

Linear Motion Bearings Factory Outlet

Linear bearings are bearings used to support and guide mechanical components in a straight line. They are widely used in various industrial equipment, automation systems and machine tools. Linear bearings can be divided into two types: slider type and ball type.


    Slider type linear bearings usually adopt the sliding pair principle, are coated with grease inside, and can operate under high speed and high load conditions. Ball linear bearings use balls to move on tracks to reduce friction and improve efficiency, and are suitable for applications requiring higher precision and speed.

    Linear bearings are used in conjunction with quenched linear drive shafts. A system of infinite linear motion. Load ball and quenched drive shaft because of the point contact, the allowable load is small, but in linear motion, the friction resistance is minimal, the precision is high, and the movement is fast.

    Linear bearings can play a role in a variety of industries, including CNC machine tools, printing equipment, packaging machinery, conveying equipment, and more. Factors such as load capacity, speed, accuracy requirements, and environmental conditions should be considered when selecting a suitable linear bearing. 

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    Features of linear bearings include

    ● Linear motion
    Able to provide smooth motion in a straight line. 

    ● High precision
    It has high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy, and is suitable for applications requiring precise position control. 

    ● High load capacit
    Able to withstand large radial and axial loads.
    ● High rigidity
    It has high rigidity and stability and can maintain the accurate position of components. 

    ● Low friction
    Has less frictional resistance, providing smooth movement and high-efficiency conversion. 

    ● Long life
    It has a long service life and can operate stably in harsh environments. 

    Suitable for high-speed movement
    Able to adapt to a certain range of high-speed movement requirements. 

    These characteristics make linear bearings widely used in many industrial and mechanical applications.