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Cam Clutch , Sprag Freewheels & Roller Type  OWC Series

Cam Clutch, Sprag Freewheels & Roller Type OWC Series

Cam Clutch , Sprag Freewheels & Roller Type OWC Series

A cam clutch is a mechanical device commonly used to control the opening and closing of valves in automobile engines to help regulate the intake and exhaust of the cylinder. It consists of a camshaft and a cam pair. The irregular shape of the cam controls the movement of the valve, thus affecting the working process of the cylinder. Cam clutches play a key role in internal combustion engines, helping to improve engine efficiency and performance.


    Flywheel separation refers to the process by which the clutch separates the flywheel. In a car manual transmission, the clutch is used to connect and disconnect the engine and transmission. It controls power transmission by disconnecting and connecting the engine and transmission. The process of clutch separation from the flywheel means that when the clutch pedal is depressed, the clutch pressure plate separates, causing the clutch friction plate to separate from the flywheel. In this way, the engine speed will not be transmitted to the transmission and wheels, thereby realizing the vehicle's gear shifting. and parking operations.

    Car rollers usually refer to the car's tire and wheel hub combination, which are used to support the car and transmit power.Tires are the part that contacts the road, providing grip and shock absorption, while wheels are connected to the car's suspension system.   The design and material selection of automobile rollers are crucial to driving safety and performance.Therefore, when selecting and maintaining automobile rollers, it is necessary to pay attention to relevant parameters and indicators, such as tire size, tread design, wheel hub material, etc.

    The cam clutch features include

    ● High load carrying capacity
    Cam clutches are generally able to withstand large torques and pressures and are suitable for applications requiring high power transmission.

    ● Quick response
    The cam clutch can quickly separate and connect the flywheel and roller to achieve quick clutch and shifting operations.

    ● Wear resistance
    Cam clutches usually have a long service life and can maintain stable performance under high load and high speed conditions.

    ● Precise transmission
    The cam clutch can accurately transmit power and avoid slippage and loss of the transmission system.

    ● Versatility
    Cam clutches can be used in a variety of different types of vehicles and machinery, including cars, motorcycles, construction machinery, etc.

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    The characteristics of flywheel and roller separation include

    ● Separation mechanism
    Clutches, clutch-bearing bearings and other mechanisms are usually used between the flywheel and the roller to transmit power when needed and maintain separation when not needed.

    ● Instantaneous response
    The separation mechanism is usually designed to respond quickly to operating instructions so that it can quickly separate or connect when acceleration, deceleration or parking is required.

    ● Transmission control 
    The features of the separated flywheel and roller also include the ability to accurately control the start and end of power transmission to ensure the safety, reliability and smoothness of the transmission system.

    ● Improve efficiency
    By controlling the separation state of the flywheel and roller, the drive system can be effectively controlled, thereby improving transmission efficiency and saving energy.

    ● Adapt to different working conditions
    The characteristics of the separation flywheel and roller also include adapting to the transmission needs under different working conditions, such as the ability to flexibly adjust the separation state during starting, acceleration, deceleration, braking and other operations.